The clock in the middle is driving me batty and I can't get it to move to the right side of the screen where I would like it. No other log in works for me except GNOME Classic so I'm sticking with that--unfortunately, that means that none of the GNOME 3 extensions I've installed fix this issue.

There's no option to unlock or move if I right click it :( How can I move this thing??


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Hold Alt (or Windows/Super/Meta+Alt depending on your configuration) and right click the clock. Then you can access the panel menu for it (move/remove).

The same is true for adding widgets, creating new panels, etc.

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    None of the shortcuts work for me on gnome-shell 3.6 running Ubuntu 13.04. Any tips?
    – Esteban
    Oct 9, 2013 at 23:53

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