Is there a way to install the new Ubuntu font to be used throughout Ubuntu? What is the difference with the 3 fonts: Ubuntu, Ubuntu Title, and Ubuntu beta?

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If you're using Maverick, the Ubuntu font should be installed. To use it as a UI font (in case you've upgraded and it's not already set), go to System > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts, and set it as the font to be used for the items of your choice.

UbuntuBeta was the name of the pre-release font that was initially made available to Ubuntu members for testing, and later to other interested groups. You should avoid using it at this point if it's somehow present together with the "Ubuntu" font on your system.

Ubuntu Title is the font used for the old Ubuntu logo.

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    The font is available in hardy,karmic and lucid-updates too (and of course natty and newer).
    – papukaija
    Feb 13, 2011 at 16:46

The Ubuntu Font Family's final name is "Ubuntu". (See this question)

  • "Ubuntu Beta" is the name of the font during testing, you can safely remove it.
  • "Ubuntu Title" is likely the font from the ttf-ubuntu-title package and is an older font in the style of the older deprecated Ubuntu logo.
  • So why is it this site uses font-family: "Ubuntu Beta",UbuntuBeta,Ubuntu,"Bitstream Vera Sans","DejaVu Sans",Tahoma,sans-serif;? I think it was part of an official recommendation by Canonical...
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  1. Ubuntu Title (package ttf-ubuntu-title) was the logo typeface between 2004–2010.

  2. Ubuntu (package ttf-ubuntu-font-family) is a typeface under development during 2010–2011 and beyond. This forms the logotype used for ubuntu and CANONICAL from 2010 onwards (Ubuntu 10.04 and above)

  3. UbuntuBeta (package ttf-ubuntu-font-family) is used to denote parts of the Ubuntu Font Family that are still in development and not quite ready. This marks it clear to the user that these are works-in-progress and ensures that they have to be explicitly selected and chosen by the user.

Unless you are involved with the early beta-testing and development process (which of course, you are most welcome to) then I would not recommend attempting to use any versions marked "UbuntuBeta". The latest stable version of the Ubuntu Font Family (ttf-ubuntu-font-family) is already available in all supported versions of Ubuntu. See:

  • Question #5097 How do I use the new “Ubuntu Font Family” in older releases?

Ubuntu Beta is Ubuntu (if you are now running 10.10). Ubuntu Title is font that was used for the original Ubuntu logo.

If you are using 10.10 as a fresh install the default font is Ubuntu. Else under Appearance Preferences > Fonts> you can set it there.

You may have to install the font sudo apt-get install ttf-ubuntu-font-family

I personally enjoy the new font.

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