I have been using emmet for vim for some time now. Quite useful.

I have used .class1>b>em to expand quite often.

I have the following code:

<li><b>Point 1</b></li>

I just want to remove <li> and </li>. I tried Control Y - k by placing the cursor at all points in the line in normal mode. I am able to either delete the line or delete everything except <li></li>.

How do I get the expected behavior?

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Lets define a new shortcut for it (\q -- please choose a better one)

:map \q "aditcat<C-x><C-r>a<ESC>

Explanation (first position in the tag to be removed):

  • "adit delete inside the current tag and save it in register a
  • cat change arround the current tag (including the tag) by
  • <C-x><C-r>a<ESC> the contents of register a

After testing, insert it in your .vimrc or similar.

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So, you need to delete surrounding tag.


In your code: <li><b>Point 1</b></li> type dst when your cursor is over li tag will give you desired result. It is very handy, because you can also remove b tag when your cursor is on the text as this deletes the closest surrounding tag.

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