I'm going through the "Learn python the hard way". It suggest running python from the terminal and using the open and read commands on a file.

I created the provided script and sample text file, and the script runs fine, no errors. But I cannot figure out how to open and read the file from within python.

I always get ex15_sample.txt is not defined. I am running python in the terminal from within the same folder that the script and text file are saved in. Within the script I do not give a file path, and I cannot figure where I'm going wrong?

I've tried:

open(ex15_sample.txt) # no go
open(filepath/ex15_sample.txt) # nope
file = open(ex15_sample.txt) # nope
open ex15_sample.txt # nope
print ex15_sample.txt.read() # nope
open(ex15_sample.txt, read) # nope.

I cannot figure this one out, can any provide any insight?


I managed to figure out what the answer is.

I was simply missing the quote marks. I didn't realise I needed to turn the filename into a string to be able to open it.

I was simply under the impression that input was automatially treated as a string value.

file = open('ex15_sample.txt') - opens and stores in file print file.read() - prints file to read contents

  • The quote marks weren’t always there... in early versions of python, they were unnecessary. but now... – j0h Aug 10 '15 at 14:25

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