I've installed a version of Ubuntu Server and although I'm fairly still fresh with Ubuntu, I'm trying to create a bash file to run a program in the background. More importantly, I'm trying to get a file nameto display correct and create it before I start running the program (I like my debug stuff).

However, here is my bash script:

 DATE=$(date +%d-%m-%Y)

I have verified that the file does exist in the PATH directory. However, the issue is with the date command. When I run the script bash -x game.sh this is what is displays.

 + PATH=/var/log/servers/Game/
 + FILENAME=startup
 + EXT=.log
 ++ date +%d-%m-%Y
 game.sh: line 5: date: command not found
 + DATE=
 + NEWFILE=/var/log/servers/Game/startup_.log
 + echo /var/log/servers/Game/startup_.log

I don't understand why it would say the command doesn't work, when I can go to the main console and run date and get a valid response.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


This sets the PATH to just that directory, and I doubt that directory contains date.

Be careful when you use uppercase variable names, you could easily be stomping over a standard environment variable.

Stick to lowercase, and be more descriptive. Consider using, for example:

  • Wow, now don't I feel like a dummy. X_X. Thank you for this simple solution. – Twister1002 Aug 6 '15 at 3:44

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