The system is Xubuntu 14.04 on an S3J series Asus laptop.

It worked o.k. until it suddenly stopped resolving internet names. As I recall, it happened during an "apt-get upgrade" process. First, I did not know what happened - I was unable to connect to any web page - and I thought I hit the ISP's monthly transfer limit (yeah ...). But when I tried to research the issue (in a new transfer period), it appeared that the net connection is ok, but the system does not resolve host names.

I can ping any external internet address (ie. but I cannot ping "askubuntu.com".

I tried to connect the computer to different networks:

  • via a cable modem (the ISP mentioned)
  • via vlan
  • via gsm modem

and the problem persists in all of them.

And the network manager connection info dialog shows that the dns server addresses are provided through dhcp/ppp.

The /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts files look all right - no unexpected changes there.

The /etc/resolve.conf file contains the "" entry - which is also normal with dnsmasq.

I have reinstalled dnsmasq-base and, after it giving no improvement, am stuck.

I can add that I have another Xubuntu 14.04 system on a desktop computer that has never had such a problem.

I would really appreciate any suggestion about what can be done before the system reinstall.

I have noticed my post is another one in a series of similar cases:

Unfortunately, so far there were no solution for the problem. Perhaps this time?

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