I would like to be able to navigate the main file manager window as well as the Nautilus (3.10.1) side pane using just the keyboard (arrow keys etc.).

How do I switch between being able to navigate in the side pane and in the main window using the keyboard? That is, how do I switch between the area where the arrow keys are currently active for navigation?

For example, in the below picture how do I switch between being able to navigate "Places" (Home, Desktop etc.) and the directories (Documents, Downloads etc.)?

enter image description here


You can toggle between navigating the side pane and the main window (using the arrow keys) by pressing the F6 key. So,

F6 and then any arrow keys : Navigate main window.

F6 and then up/down : Navigate side pane.

  • That allows me to move the "focus" in the bookmark bar, but when I press <kbd>Enter<\kbd> to confirm, it still opens the highlighted file in the main window. How does one open the bookmark? – Petr Doležal May 20 '20 at 17:22
  • Found the answer. The Space key does it. – Petr Doležal May 20 '20 at 17:35

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