I have a folder (call "folder"), composed of different subfolders ("subfolder1", "subfolder2",...). I would like to remove a list of files in all the subfolder of "folder", while some files are present in all the subfolders!

I currently use :

while read file; do rm "$file"basz.dat; done < ~/folder/subfolder1/list.txt

Unfortunately this do the job just for the current folder. How can I apply the same command to all the subfolders?


Use the following command:

while read file;do find . -type f -name "$file"basz.dat -delete; done < list.txt

This will find all files that whose name match with the ones given in your list.txt in all sub-directories of the current directory and delete them.

  • Exactly what I was searching for! Thank you so much – steve Jul 31 '15 at 16:55

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