I plan to use LVM. My Ubuntu is currently non-LVM based.

I wonder if I can do that without resintalling or if I can:

  • resize current partition (call it part Old)
  • create new partition (call it part LVM)
  • clone part OLD files to part LVM files
  • delete part old

And finally have the same Ubuntu LVM-based.

Is this naive vision possible ? If not, which is the normal way ?


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Yes, you can. You can even put your swap space and /boot files on the LVM so you will have two logical volumes: one for the swap space and the other for /.

  • Thanks. But is it possible to change partition size of a non-LVM lv ?
    – 3pic
    Jul 31, 2015 at 14:57
  • If you mean changing the size of a partition, you can do it with the gparted tool. This question has been answered here: askubuntu.com/questions/115310/…
    – lemonslice
    Jul 31, 2015 at 16:26
  • 1
    I've done what you suggest, so I can verify that it's possible; however, I recommend keeping /boot on a real partition, not inside an LVM. Although GRUB is supposed to be able to read files off an LVM, I've never tested this, and I know of no distribution that attempts such a setup; they all use separate /boot partitions when an LVM is used. Thus, /boot inside an LVM is, at best, non-standard and poorly tested. It definitely will not work with some non-GRUB boot loaders.
    – Rod Smith
    Aug 1, 2015 at 20:30
  • If the OP could post some information on the existing filesystems and partition including the output of df. Rod Smith - I have several systems reading /boot from an LVM, it somewhat complicates getting GRUB installed but once that is overcome it works fine. It is more complicated using a gpt partition table. Jul 8, 2018 at 17:53

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