On trusty, I installed cgroup-lite which mounts the virtual FS for cgroups subsystems in /sys/fs/cgroup/*. I've executed cgclear (from the cgroup-bin package) and uninstalled/purged cgroup-lite. When I reboot, the subsystems are mounted again. Question is: how can I prevent this from happening? Is there any config/script file that is read/executed when booting that accomplishes this?

No other packages related to cgroups (e.g. lxc, libcgroup1 or cgmanager) are installed.


After getting help from the cgroup-lite maintainers at Launchpad, this turned out to be a problem with docker and not with cgroup-lite itself. Uninstalling docker leaves configuration files in /etc/init that mount the cgroup subsystems at boot time. So purging docker solves this problem.

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