How to edit the size of the /boot partition when installing Ubuntu? Using the guided partitioning option "use the entire disk and set up encrypted LVM" results is a /boot partition which is only 236MB.

  • AFAIK, it can't be done via that option; you should consider using the "Something Else" option instead, as described here (among many other places). FWIW, this bug report identifies a too-small /boot partition as a problem. If you agree, please click the link that identifies you as being affected, and perhaps add a comment. – Rod Smith Jul 31 '15 at 2:14

Guided partition sizes are specified in /lib/partman/recipes[-arch]/*. The file format is here: http://ftp.dc.volia.com/pub/debian/preseed/partman-auto-recipe.txt

To increase the /boot size, change the maximum size (third number) in the boot section of the default recipe: sudo nano /lib/partman/recipes/30atomic


128 512 256 ext2
    mountpoint{ /boot } .


Change the 256 to a something bigger and save. Then, start the installer and use the guided option.


Use manual partitioning and try the steps I outline in this solution. The process I use is for Ubuntu 16.04.2 though. With manual partitioning, I was able to create a boot partition 1GB in size with no problem. As an added benefit, you can also create additional logical volumes for /home or any other partition you might want to keep separate.

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