I have unattended updates set to run daily on a 14.04 server. It is run by cron.daily at midnight along with other jobs. I would like to change the time that unattended updates runs but not the other cron.daily jobs. I have tried moving /etc/cron.daily/apt somewhere else and running it as a separate cron job but it does not seem to run. It works fine when I move it back under cron.daily. How can I schedule the unattended updates script to run at a different time (1900 daily)?


You should be able to move the script to a different location and then set up a cron entry (crontab -e) to run your script at your preferred days and time.

Note that the format for root and normal users differs slightly. When executing crontab -e as root, each crontab line has one additional parameter to specify as which user to run the entry.

Cron logs to /var/log/syslog. Check that file for errors: grep -i cron syslog.

The most encountered problem with cron is that it executes its entries in a very limited environment, causing a lot of commands to fail because they can't be found. It is possible to extend the PATH variable with the most common paths.

For details about cron see CronHowto and Cron Community Wiki

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