I use dropbox very often and I have it installed in both windows and ubuntu.In windows,a shortcut to the dropbox folder is added automatically to the left panel of file/folder selection dialog box. Now,how do I add this to ubuntu?I am running 15.04 btw.


Thanks for asking the question; it made me realize I didn't have dropbox bookmarked on this system.

Open dropbax (the folder in Ubuntu). In the top right corner you will see what I call the I/O gear. Below that is another gear. Hover over it and it will announce itself as "Location options."

Left-clicking on that gear will open a menu. One of the items will be "Bookmark this location" about 2/3 of the way down. The keybord shortcut is referenced Ctrl-D.

I should mention that I am using the Gnome desktop with Ubuntu 14.10.

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