I port qt application on Ubuntu Touch Build is ok Click package created But when sdk start application i get this:

Установленный chebfmchat.neochapay-0.1.armhf (installed:click,removable=1,app_name=chat)
Sdk-Launcher> Application installed successfully
Sdk-Launcher> AppId:                   chebfmchat.neochapay_chat_0.1
Sdk-Launcher> Architecture:            armhf
Sdk-Launcher> Application confined:    True
Sdk-Launcher> Communication directory: /home/phablet/.local/share/chebfmchat.neochapay/
Sdk-Launcher> Application started: 6713
Debug-helper> Setting up environment
Debug-helper> TmpDir:      /home/phablet/.local/share/chebfmchat.neochapay/
Debug-helper> AppId:       chebfmchat.neochapay_chat_0.1
Debug-helper> Environment: confined
Debug-helper> Executable was not found in the PATH
Sdk-Launcher> Received a failed event
Sdk-Launcher> The Application exited, cleaning up
Sdk-Launcher> Finished
  • It can't find the executable. Is Exec parameter in *.desktop file correct? – Velkan Jul 23 '15 at 20:33
  • [Desktop Entry] Name=chat Exec=chat Icon=chat/chat.png Terminal=false Type=Application X-Ubuntu-Touch=true – neochapay Jul 24 '15 at 4:04
  • Try to start from a clean project template and work out the differences. – Velkan Jul 24 '15 at 9:28

Exec=opt/chat/bin/chat 1 chat - name of application. 2 chat is target of pro file...

It`s ugly but it work/

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