I installed ubuntu in dual-boot in a laptop with pre-installed Windows 8.1 (uefi) with 500gb HDD and 32gb SSD. During and after installation everything went Ok, but as recommended, I leaved the SSD alone and only used the HDD. Now after the installation (couple of months after) I wanna make use of my SSD and I wanna know if I can change it's partitions without concerning and if bcache has any use in this case. Taking in consideration that I wanna make the best use of it for Ubuntu not Windows.

Note: It was highly recommended that UEFI or SecureBoot Mode was disabled to install Ubuntu in dual-boot, since I didn't figured out how to disable it (there wasn't any option in BIOS) I leaved the fast-boot off and SecureBoot unchanged (therefore ON). As said everything went OK so I leaved that aside, occasionally when I'm booting Windows it goes to a repair screen then turn off the laptop, I start it again and everything goes fine. I am just saying it because I don't know if it influence in anything.

Screenshots of my actual partitions

(C: ) and (D: ) are both for Windows, the others I have no idea.

I didn't know a proper way to make the partitions then set it to do automatically during the installation. Therefore all other partitions are strange to me (Recovery, Restore, etc...).

500GB HDD with both Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu

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