I've my Google account synced and the calendar works fine. But not always: concretly, if I reboot my computer and log-in in my system before Network Manager has connected to the Internet, the integrated calendar doesn't show my appointments (I must see them througout Evolution). I know no way to force the integrated calendar retry the synchronization once logged in. Neither logging out and logging in, nor rebooting, makes gnome-shell work.

The only way to make the integrated calendar work is rebooting and, in the gdm/lightdm screen, wait until Network Manager has connected before log-in in my system.

What's the problem?

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    shell calendar uses evolution-data-server as backend. You can open evolution, right click on calendar and select refresh. That will start a force refresh. You can change the refresh interval as well. There is also a way to force refresh through dbus which can be initiated as script when it connects to internet. You can also try restarting gnome-shell. – Khurshid Alam Jul 22 '15 at 14:17
  • By calendar, do you mean the one from the action bar at the top of the screen? – TafT Jul 30 '15 at 8:04

I'm going to assume that by "integrated calendar" you mean the one from the action bar at the top of the screen.

Integrated Calendar showing Exchange & Gmail calendar data

You can refresh this by opening the Online Accounts application and toggling the Evolution Data Server entry for Access Your Google Calendar off and on again.

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