I installed Armitage along with Metasploit and Postgresql but Armitage is not connecting.

Starting Postgresql works fine

sudo service postgresql start
 * Starting PostgreSQL 9.3 database server                    [ OK ] 

Metasploit is working because typing msfconsole in the terminal loads metasploit.

However, when I start Armitage, I get stuck on the java connection window with "Parse Error". When the loading is over, the window simply disappears and nothing happens.

This is the error I'm getting

Connecting to

org.msgpack.UnpackException: parse error

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  1. go to http://www.fastandeasyhacking.com/download and get the tgz file
  2. extract it (tar -xf armitage150813.tgz) and open up the armitage folder you just downloaded.
  3. now head over to /usr/share/armitage and replace all the contents in that folder with the new contents you just downloaded.
  4. reboot for good measure

That should fix it.

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