I recently received an upgrade for the flash plugin through the package manager. I've installed it. Flash then requires a reboot and running a post installation step. I've been having trouble with this last step.

Whenever I login I can see an item in my notification bar that asks to install other packages to make flash work. This is what comes out when clicking it:

Image of request to install packages for flash plugin

I press OK and then I insert my password to run the installation and it fails:

A dialog stating that an error occurred.

If I try to click on Details>> nothing happens.

Since the first time that this thing happened I get warnings when using flash on firefox (it says that the plugin is obsolete or something like that).

How can I fix this? Is there a way to run the above step from the command line and check what's going on and the cause of the error?

This is not a duplicate of: Adobe Flash Plugin is vulnerable/outdated in 14.04 but there is no update in Firefox

In that question:

  • The problem is not due to an update release (i.e. the user does have installed the latest plugin; not so for me)
  • The problem is caused by a wrong version comparison

In my case I do not have installed the latest version, and this process fails.


Try reinstalling it like this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer.

PS: You may also consider ditching flash in view of the recent discoveries.

  • I just started getting this exact problem a few days ago in xenial (after things working fine for a long time). I have adobe-flashplugin installed - not flashplugin-installer. When I selected that for installation, it said it was going to remove the one I have installed. I want to get this resolved, but also get the 23 version when it comes out. What's the best way to proceed? – Joe Nov 11 '16 at 21:35

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