Is it possible to install Android on the BQ E4.5 UE and reinstall Ubuntu Touch later when some important apps are available?

How to do that?


Yes - it is possible to downgrade it to android and you can follow this guide - http://a25.co/ubuntu-phone-how-to-install-android/ (which is not written by me).

Some of the information there is a bit outdated (the latest android for the phone at this moment is Lollipop) but the basic principle is the same.

As for reverting back to Ubuntu Touch - it is possible but I haven't tried it yet and can't be of much help with that. I think the procedure would be the same as with the android install, just using the Ubuntu firmware provided at the BQ site instead.

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    Hi, I am the author of the linked guide. It is indeed possible to reinstall Ubuntu Touch later using a similar method as installing Android using the MediaTek tool (Linux/Windows) or using ubuntu-device-flash. See this discussion: askubuntu.com/questions/602035/… – Mark Jul 27 '15 at 8:30

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