Vim in shell allows <alt>[a-z] to circumvent having to press Esc to get out of INSERT mode. For example,

Open up a terminal and set its editing mode away from emacs, to vi

set -o vi

Now enter INSERT mode and start typing:

<i>[Type some words]

Before you press enter, hold alt, and press "u" for undo:

<left alt><u>

This will take you out of INSERT mode, and will undo your last change.

If I try to do this in GVIM, <left alt><u> will type "õ". I would rather have it the other way.

How can I achieve this? Thanks.

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Once in gvim, you can type :help quickref and hit Enter

That'll bring you to the hotkeys information of gvim. I'm pretty sure you'll find everything you need there, worth to take a look. Good luck buddy! :-)

  • Could you be more specific as to how to solve the problem specified in the op?
    – Anon
    Jul 16, 2015 at 21:20

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