I am using a notebook with a Intel i7 (with its own GPU) and a NVIDIA GPU. On Windows, the notebook uses Optimus to switch between the GPUs intelligently.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 and I installed CUDA from NVIDIA website to be able to run CUDA programs. This also installed a NVIDIA graphics driver. On booting the notebook, the kernel crashes due to a race condition with NVIDIA graphics driver module, as described here.

Its a kernel crash or panic everytime I boot up Ubuntu, so I cannot even get to a virtual terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1) to remove the driver or fix something. I had to reinstall Ubuntu.

Is there some way to let Nouveau be the graphics driver (using Intel GPU), while being able to run CUDA programs (using NVIDIA GPU)? Is there some method to install the NVIDIA, CUDA and Bumblebee packages and configure them to achieve this?

(Note: There are other similar questions, but they are answered for old versions of Ubuntu or there are no answers to them. In any case, those solutions did not work.)

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