Using ubuntu 15.04.

This only occurs in gedit. And it only occurs when there are unsaved changed in gedit. When there are unsaved changes, the mouse starts flickering. Here is a video of what it looks like. In the video I am moving the mouse around and it flickers in and out of view.

Is this a bug? Or is this something I can fix on my end? Gedit in 14.04 never did this.


I experience this issue after I copy or paste some text in a new, unsaved tab, using the keyboard shortcuts ( Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V ).

Seems that by opening a dialog (for example the replace text dialog), fixes the issue.

It also happened that I had the issue on a tab and opening a dialog didn't help. I suspected that some other tab was causing the issue so I opened a dialog while on a different tab that was open and it fixed the issue.

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