Is there a way in MaaS to automate the provisioning of an ESXi bare metal host.

Just like I want to be able to deploy Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows I would also like to be able to deploy ESXi and automatically to then add them to the ESXi cluster automatically.


MAAS does not currently support deployment of ESXi onto bare metal; the simplest way to achieve that goal may be to use vSphere's Auto Deploy tooling, as described in this blog post.

Having said that, MAAS now includes built-in support for power control of /VMs/ running on top of an already-deployed vSphere/ESXi; see "How to configure MAAS to be able to boot virtual machines via VMware type" for details.

(We used to support ESXi via a virsh solution, as outlined in this blog post, but that's been superseded by the native support.)

  • Yes, I am aware of this, but that adds yet another tool to the mix. I was hoping to have a single tool to do the job. – X-Istence Oct 5 '15 at 3:00
  • If it helps we are discussing this feature this very week as part of our roadmap planning sprint. If it gets approved we'll announce it. – kiko Oct 6 '15 at 3:37

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