I want to use "German, no dead keys" (as "tot" as the layout. Whenever I log into KDE from KDM, I get the regular "German" keyboard. In other questions here I read that you have to switch the keyboard in the login screen, but apparently KDM does not offer that option.

Interstingly, it show "tot" in the systray when I log in, but then switches to "de" once the jingle plays.

What can I do about that?



Sometimes the KDE setting files get damaged. Then the KDE will fall to the sane default settings.


  1. Make a new user. System Settings > User Management
  2. Log in as the new user

Does the new user have the same problem ?

If no

Rename (/remove) the old user's ~/.kde/share/config/kxkbrc file when the old user's session is not running.


Here the "eliminate dead key" seems to work without problems.

  • I deleted the config file, created it new and it seems like it works. What happens now is that KDE freezes for some 5 seconds before playing the welcome jingle and letting me do anything … that started to happen on a second account some while ago too … – Martin Ueding Oct 13 '11 at 9:16

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