I have a strange problem with a fresh installation of Lubuntu 15.04 (Ubuntu 11.04 was ok). Sometimes when I boot the computer the monitor goes in "No DVI signal" mode right after grub selection. However, if I unplug the cable and plug it again I can see Lubuntu booting! The same if I press some buttons.

If I push the reset button I won't have the no-signal problem but it will come back at the following boot.

  1. Go to grub press e to edit the GRUB menu. (vmlinuz line)

2.Using the arrow keys to navigate, delete quiet and splash and again insert one of the options below.

For:- Older Intel video card: i915.modeset=1 or i915.modeset=0

nVidia: nomodeset

Generic: xforcevesa


Press Ctrl and X to boot. The suggested options that I have found are hardware specific. Here is a list:

If this worked every time edit it permanently in ur grub menu.

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