I use Ubuntu 14.04. Search in dash is taking very long time. Is there any procedure to make the search faster?


Install the Privacy Indicator applet and just turn off all the features you don't need.

Then (in the same applet) click on Clear Zeitgeist log.

That's the easiest and fastest way to improve the speed of the dash while keeping the functionality you do need.


Here are some things to do:

  1. Disable online search results:

    Launch System Settings and go to Security & Privacy, under the Search tab, turn off the check box which says When searching in the Dash: include online search results

  2. Stop recording file and app usage:

    In System Settings and go to Security & Privacy, under the Files & Applications tab, first click clear records and then turn off Record file and application usage

  3. Remove unwanted Unity lens, scopes:

    Open the Ubuntu Software Center and search for unity-scope. In the results, check the information on installed scopes and remove the scopes you don’t need...

  • This is absolutely correct, but also limits the functionality if you turn off application usage as well! :( – Fabby Jul 8 '15 at 12:49

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