I upgraded my Trusty to Linux 3.19 and the directory /proc/sys/net/bridge disappeared.

What's going on?

My bridge exist, I can see it through brctl show, but where is the directory under /proc? If I return to Linux 3.13, the /proc/sys/net/bridge appears again.

What am I missing?

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You need to manually modprobe br_netfilter to get this directory.

The following kernel commit separated this out :

commit 34666d467cbf1e2e3c7bb15a63eccfb582cdd71f
Author: Pablo Neira Ayuso <[email protected]>
Date:   Thu Sep 18 11:29:03 2014 +0200

    netfilter: bridge: move br_netfilter out of the core

$ git describe 34666d467cbf1e2e3c7bb15a63eccfb582cdd71f

This is why 3.19 is different than 3.16.

  • Perfect! Thank you so much! :-D
    – ThiagoCMC
    Jul 7, 2015 at 19:15

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