I tried to forward guest port 6379 to host 6379 and to 16379 but with no luck.

I can connect to redis from guest and set and get, and despite I also can connect to redis from host and get help, I cannot set or get.

I got no firewall running on guest, or host. Any help appreciated.

From host:

host: > redis-cli -h localhost -p 16379
localhost:16379> help
redis-cli 2.8.4
Type: "help @<group>" to get a list of commands in <group>
      "help <command>" for help on <command>
      "help <tab>" to get a list of possible help topics
      "quit" to exit
localhost:16379> help get

  GET key
  summary: Get the value of a key
  since: 1.0.0
  group: string

localhost:16379> get 'x'
Error: Connection reset by peer
localhost:16379> set 'x' 12
Error: Connection reset by peer

From guest:

vagrant:~$ redis-cli -v
redis-cli 2.8.4
vagrant:~$ redis-cli> set 'x' 12
OK> get x

The solution is here : check your /etc/redis/redis.conf, and make sure to change the default




Then restart your service service redis-server restart

You can then now check that redis is listening on non-local interface with

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    I think this solution is good, I have to do the same thing for Flask applications which by default run on even though I forward the port I cannot access them until I bind the application to listen on any interface (
    – levlaz
    Jul 6 '15 at 14:17

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