I have certain apps which I want to be on top (I set it via window's menu: Alt-Space + "Always on top"). But when I switch between apps by pressing Alt-Tab once, these windows steal focus. This happens when I close active window also. Is there a way to make window un-focusable to prevent this? I tried to solve this via ccsm: General options/Focus & Raise behavior/Focus Prevention Windows but without luck.

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One way to go, is to tell window switcher to ignore it.

  1. Install ccsm& run it
  2. Desktop category → Ubuntu Unity plugin → Switcher tab

    Disable all its shortcuts.

  3. Enable alternative switcher

    Window management category → Application switcher

    • Check enable application switcher
    • General tab → change Switcher windows to exclude your specific windows.

      Example for gnome-terminal:

      (Toolbar | Utility | Dialog | Normal | Unknown) & !(name=gnome-terminal-server)

You could even use dual switcher:

  • Set AltTab & ShiftAltTab for application switcher
  • and live set AltCtrlTab & ShiftAltCtrlTab for unity switcher

So current desktop window switcher will skip it but the all window switcher will not. Best of both worlds

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