I have already checked this thread but today, neither realplayer nor acroread are available for linux. I do not want to use old deprecated applications that could introduce security holes as well.

I am currently creating pdf document slides using lualatex and the beamer class. But there's no point at testing anything if the sounds can't get played!

So, is there a pdf viewer that plays sounds that are embedded in a pdf file? Or, has anyone information about evince being able to play such sounds or not?

EDIT: here is an example of pdf file provided as example: http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/mathematics/extranet/staff-material/resource-downloads/beamer-presentation


I finally installed okular, though I do not have kde, so it came with lots of dependencies along.

The sounds do work, but transduration times are not respected by okular. This behavior is a bug in version 20.2 of okular. It has been fixed in version 20.3.

For those having the 20.2 and who cannot install a newer version (like those who use Ubuntu 14.04), there's a kind of workaround: in okular settings, presentation tab, check the "Advance every:" option and set a value that is greater than any of the transdurations of the document, otherwise okular will advance sooner even if this option remains unchecked. (This is the bug).

Well, then you can then start the presentation.

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