I know that the net-tools package is deprecated and that its features are supposedly provided by the iproute2 package.

However, I find that I keep using the old net-tools programs: it's an old habit. I want to get rid of this, and I think that uninstalling the net-tools package could help.

apt-get remove -s net-tools shows that the only other package to be removed would be "ubuntu-minimal", which is OK for me. I wonder if everything would keep working and if any change to system and applications network settings would then be needed.

What would be the consequences of uninstalling the net-tools package in a default Ubuntu system?


Nothing really, most of the important stuff either depends on the iproute2 package (ifupdown, isc-dhcp-client, …) or uses the kernel interfaces (through libnl-3-200) directly (network-manager, hostapd, iw, …).

Of course some older software (especially software installed from outside of the repository) might still expect net-tools commands to be present as they were available on most unixoid systems for a long time. If you uninstall this package, then that is something you should keep in mind.

Anyways: I just uninstalled net-tools myself… No issues yet! 😄 If something does happen I'll try update my answer accordingly – it's pretty unlikely through.


I have no problem with the uninstall net-tools in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The Ubuntu do not use it. The system keep with network manager. Take a look:

  • ifconfig = ip address show (iproute2) = nmcli dev show (network manager)
  • netstat = nstat and rtstat (iproute2)
  • nmtui-edit to edit all type of connection. (network manager)
  • nmtui-connect for connect to a wifi router. (network manager)
  • nmtui-hostname to see and change the name of machine. (network manager)

There is this tools in your system? If yes, probably you can remove net-tools.

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