I'm trying to install dotnet4.5 using winetricks on Ubuntu12.04 64bit. It keeps on giving me "Mono does not appear to be installed " error though i have mono installed . I ran these two commands to get mono and mono-complete

sudo apt-get install mono

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

wine version i am using is Wine 1.6. I have already Tried reinstalling wine . Its not just dotnet4.5 but all the versions of dotnet give me the same error .

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d/l the latest version and place the .msi into /usr/share/wine/mono

then continue with installation of dotnet45


I believe that you don't need Mono. The WineHQ wiki page for Mono says:

The Mono package should always be removed before installing native .NET. This can be done with the following command-line:

$ wine uninstaller --remove '{E45D8920-A758-4088-B6C6-31DBB276992E}'

That page also explains the installation of Mono for Wine.


Do the below to install wine-mono.

  1. Download wine-mono.msi from the official winehq site.
  2. Type wine64 uninstaller.
  3. Press install from the uninstaller GUI and select the downloaded .msi package.
  4. Done!

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