Is there any way to redirect HTTP requests on a certain ip address with a certain port (for example a random google IP address to a http server that runs on my machine? (

I tried using Pound but I don't know how to create such a rule and I don't really know if this is a solution.

Can somebody suggest a solution for this? Thank you


As part of the PC(system-1) which runs web service, you can use one additional PC(system-2) to get this thing done.

  • From clients where you access the web service set the default gateway pointing to the system-2.
  • set up port forwarding on system-2, for example -->; where is the system-1.

TIP: for this port forwarding scenario I recommended to use firewalld instead of ufs which comes as default firewall on Debian like system.

  • you can install firewalld by $ sudo apt-get install firewalld
  • make sure to disable ufw also.

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