I am new to Ubuntu and PHP. I have a problem when I am trying to run some code.

I have this error: The requested URL /helloworld.php was not found on this server.. Everything should work, apache, php even phpmyadmin.

Also when I'm trying to create a project in the root folder, where apache is, it does not give me permission.

I hope you can understand me and help me to solve that problem.

  • Are you following some sort of tutorial? Could please Click "Edit" bellow your question and add the location of this tutorial? – MadMike Jul 2 '15 at 11:25

The second issue is because you do not have rights to write in the root folder. To give yourself permission, open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and enter:


it will show your username, then navigate to the parent folder of your projects folder(if /home/projects then /home), and type

sudo chown <yourusername> <directoryname>
  • Should I do that every time when I want to create or open a project ? – Dexter Jul 2 '15 at 10:44
  • @maDFrog no, just once, this way you change the owner of that directory to your normal user – sboda Jul 2 '15 at 10:46
  • One more stupid question, how to navigate to the folder? I tried 'cd /home/workspace/' but there is now such a directory according to the terminal ? Any ideas – Dexter Jul 2 '15 at 11:12
  • normally it should be /home/<username>/workspace, but you shouls check in eclipse (right click to projects, properties and there is a Location...) – sboda Jul 2 '15 at 18:40

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