I have a ubuntu 14.04 LTS machine running as local server (I have a web app running on it). I have two questions as below.

1] How to configure two LAN cards on the above server ?

2] After configuring two LAN cards

  • I want my office team to be able to access the web app on LAN (locally) on say eth0 (typing in browser should open the web app).
  • I want to make the web app accessible on internet using say eth1 which is connected to a router having a static ip address.

The web app is a node js application running behind ngnix

any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


The eth0 need to be configured as follows

netsh interface ip set address name= source=

and assign the eth1 as follows

netsh interface ip set address name=”StaticIP” source=dhcp

Now restart the network

service networking restart

Your local application will be available to the local network and it can be tested as follows


Cheers and all the best

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