I've recently installed Ubuntu 15.04 alongside my mac osx on my macbook pro.

When I wanted to install, I chose to install it alongside my osx. And then I could divide the partition. So I did 88GB for my Linux and 55 for osx. But now as you can see on my screenshot it's divided? When I'm installing something now like csgo dedicated server is it going to install under my user account or under sda5 ? Can't I merge them? That I have all of those 88gb on my user account?

Screenshot of terminal


What you are seeing is a little misleading, because most of those lines aren't real partitions.

  • The line with filesystem udev is a virtual filesystem that does not exist on disk, and just represents some data in memory.

  • Lines with filesystem tmpfs are virtual filesystems that exist only in memory, or swapped to the existing swap partition. They are not from actual partitions on the disk.

  • The line with filesystem cgmfs also appears to be a virtual filesystem related to the cgroups manager which you have for some reason.

That leaves only three lines referring to actual partitions on the drive: partitions sda5, sda2 and sda3.

sda5 contains your entire Ubuntu install, is 69GB and is mounted at /.

sda3 is your Snow Leopard (Mac OS install) which is 55GB and mounted as an add-on drive in /media/fendora/Snow Leopard.

sda2 is another partition which is 19GB and is entitled "LINUX". I don't know why you have this partition. It's possible you created it intending for it to be your Linux partition (maybe for a previous Linux install) but you ended up not using it. It's basically empty.

When you install something in your Ubuntu installation it'll go into that 69GB sda5 partition.

  • Is there a way i can merge that with the sda5? – xenius Jun 30 '15 at 1:52
  • Using gparted (and/or the Ubuntu graphical partition manager, if that's not the same thing), you should be able to delete that sda2 partition, and then expand your sda5 partition to fill the remaining space. However, depending on your partition layout, there may be other partitions in between those two, such as your sda3 (Max OS partition), or a swap partition for Ubuntu, which will make it more complex as I'm not sure if it'll be able to shift those partitions around. – thomasrutter Jun 30 '15 at 1:54
  • So, i wen't to reinstall it, but when i choose the partition i made in osx called linux 80gb i choose to format it as ext4 and mount point / and i select the same sda4 as my bootloader. But then when its installed its not booting. I get a blinking _ on a black screen. And when i choose the other options to let ubuntu make the partitions i get the problem i had before. – xenius Jul 1 '15 at 23:18

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