I am aware that alternatives to OneNote has been discussed before, but from what I can see none of these alternatives allow you to take you OneNote notes with you as you migrate. I have a lot of notes that I wish to keep, so many that manual transfer is impractical.

So the question is: Are there any OneNote alternatives, that lets me take my notebooks with me as I migrate?

Thanks in advance



Adds Mht file reading/writing support to Firefox.

Mht (Mhtml) is the webpage archive format to store Html and images, Css into single file.

Web site

UnMHT provides following features:

  • Save webpage as Mht file.

  • Save selection as Mht file

  • Insert URL of the webpage and date you saved into saved Mht file.

  • Save multiple tabs as Mht files at a time.

  • Save multiple tabs into a single Mht file.

  • Save webpage by single click into prespecified directory with QuickSave feature.

  • Convert Html files and directory which contains files used by the Html into Mht file.

  • View the Mht file saved by UnMHT, IE, PowerPoint, etc.

Export in OneNote

Allows you to save a file under a different name or location.

  • Click or tap the File tab and select Export.

  • The Export Current pane appears at right.

  • If using a keyboard and mouse, you can Ctrl+click multiple pages to export multiple pages in the same file.

  • Select Page or Section, choose the format you want for exporting, and click or tap the Export button.

  • The Save As window appears, indicating that the concept of saving versus exporting hasn’t quite made it to all interface elements yet.

  • You must chose Single File web Page This format uses the Mime Html document format .mht, which saves an entire web page in a single file.

  • Click or tap Save to export the file.

Note: If you select Notebook to export, you can choose Portable Document Format, this format uses the .pdf extension and is compatible with any device that supports Pdf.


I've spent some time looking into this, and I haven't found anything decent. I have found that if you email yourself a copy of your notebook, it inserts the notebook text into the body of the email.

You could also install OneNote on your computer using Wine. The 2010 version works quite well, or so their website states here.

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