Ubuntu 14.04. I installed SunPinyin and it worked good. But under language bar, there are three choices: Eng, Pi (Pinyin), Sunpinyin. I wanted to remove Pi (Pinyin)(which does not work). Tried remove, purge ibus pinyin command and Pi (Pinyin) is still there. Text entry only showed two choices: English and Chinese (SunPinyin). Help!

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You can try finding out what other pinyin libraries are installed using:

$ dpkg --get-selections | grep pinyin
ibus-sunpinyin                  install
libpinyin4:amd64                deinstall
libsunpinyin3:amd64             install
sunpinyin-data                  install

and then remove it using apt-get remove or aptitude remove

$ sudo apt-get remove ibus-libpinyin


I had the issue too and this solved by following Shiheng Zhang instruction. Just to extend what he suggested.

Reinstall ibus-pinyin

sudo apt-get install ibus-pinyin
ibus restart

Then, right click on the language icon and choose 'Text entry settings...' Then, remove 'Chinese (Pinyin)' from the input source and you're done.


I tried to remove Pi too but failed. I reinstalled ibus-pinyin and deselected Chinese(pinyin), that Pi disappeared.

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Some times, the problem is that the IBus daemon is not running, so when you open the 'Text entry settings...' dialog, you don't see the "Chinese(pinyin)" entry there. What I do is follow this method by first start the ibus daemon:


Which just start the ibus daemon, after that, you can see the "Chinese(pinyin)" entry is shown in the dialog(suppose you have ibus-pinyin already installed), now, you can click the "-" key to remove this entry.

After that, you can stop the ibus daemon(kill the process), and this time, the "Pi" icon is disappeared.

Hope that helps.

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