I'm on Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 and Nouveau driver is set by default. I don't want to set Nvidia proprietary driver because of my little fear (I broke my pc a while ago on 14.04 only trying to set it on "additional drivers" menu, a plague to restore it on recovery terminal).
Then, Nouveau isn't that shame, so I don't need to change driver, but it hasn't got any graphic settings or something like nvidia-settings. I only use the command xgamma -gamma n for gamma settings because my display is really too bright.
Can I do something? Is there any application or tweak?

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I tried this on my laptop:

sudo apt-get install xbacklight


xbacklight -set 80

This set my brightness to 80%. You could find a good value then add the "xbacklight -set xx" code to your startup session commands? That would set a value on logon you liked.

Kind regards, Pete

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