I already posted to this question in stack exchange but this is suitable to Ubuntu . That's why I asking here again. I don't know this is a right question . But I want to know whether can I make a bootable Ubuntu for my friend from my already installed Ubuntu desktop ? I.e. I want to make a bootable copy of Ubuntu for installing to my friend PC . But I have a desktop which already contain Ubuntu OS . Any possible way to make a bootable Ubuntu from my already installed Ubuntu Desktop ? Any software or tool can I use ?


There is a simple way to do this within Ubuntu. Here is a guide on the official site.

  • can I make bootable with out downloaded ISO file ? I don't want to install using download ISO – user39320 Jun 26 '15 at 14:29
  • Here is a help page that demonstrates how you would make a install from a already installed system. – chj1axr0 Jun 26 '15 at 14:39

The following article answers your requirements precisely

Create a live system ISO for your Ubuntu-based Linux machines using Systemback

To work your friend's PC has to have similar enough hardware that the drivers are going to work...

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