I am running Ubuntu Touch in my Nexus 4 with Ubuntu 14.10 (r19). I updated several applications.

Now, I have double applications: the old and the new versions in my storage. By example: System Configuration/About/Storage is showing the updated applications in both versions. I need to remove the old version to free the storage space.

ps: I don't know whether the apps are repeated really or whether is a bug of the storage widget.

  • I improve my question with these notes: 1- The calculator application was updated. 2 - The apps scope shows the calculator icon once. 3- The storage widget (system/config/about this phone/storage) is showing two calculator icons: the previous version (1.3MB) and the updated version (1.8MB). Is it a bug in storage widget or the calculator applications are repeated really? Jun 28, 2015 at 17:07

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It is a official bug reported in this link: Storage shows same app multiple times (pre-installed and update from click store)

The team is working in the solution.

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