Write command line that prints hello if number of files in current directory is bigger than the number specified in first line of file check.

This works fine but i want a one command line. Any ideas?

firstline=$(head -1 check)
allfiles=$(ls | wc -l)
echo $allfiles  $firstline

if (($allfiles > $firstline)); then
     echo "hello"
     echo "oh no"

You can use this one liner:

files=( * ); [[ ${#files[@]} -gt $(head -1 check) ]] && echo 'hello' || echo 'oh no'

files array will contain the files of the current directory, so ${#files[@]} shows the elements in the array i.e. number of files in the current directory.

The file check whose first line is a number is extracted by head -1 check.

Here is the expanded form :

Finally if number of files is greater than the number at the first line of check ([[ ${#files[@]} -gt $(head -1 check) ]]), hello is printed.

Here is the expanded form :

files=( * )
if [[ ${#files[@]} -gt $(head -1 check) ]]; then
    echo 'hello'
    echo 'oh no'
  • you are my Hero!!! – Martin Yeboah Jun 24 '15 at 17:37
  • @MartinYeboah Glad i could help :) – heemayl Jun 24 '15 at 17:38

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