In google chrome parts of webpages, images and videos are flickering. This does not happen in firefox. Sometimes when I change tabs, I see bits of other tabs overlayed on the current tab. I also get flickering when I type in the address bar.Has anyone else encountered this? It seems like some sort of graphics card problem, but I have been using the onboard Intel graphics with this machine for 5+ years with no issues. Only in the last few months has this flickering started. The issue even persisted after reinstalling Ubuntu (got a new hard drive so I did a clean installation).

I have tried the solutions from these two askubuntu questions:

System Info:

System Information

Chrome Version:

Version 43.0.2357.125

Contents of chrome://gpu

enter image description here

  • Eventually I solved this problem, or at least I worked around it. I discovered that the flickering never began until I opened an instance of gVim. When I open gVim, the screen goes black for a second, as if my graphics driver is being modified, and then it comes back on. Afterwards when I use chrome the screen flickers. – gradi3nt Apr 30 '16 at 14:43

I also had same issue. Try disabling 'Use hardware acceleration when available' option in settings. Hope it helps.

  • I tried that and it did not change anything. – gradi3nt Apr 30 '16 at 14:41

I did not test this on Ubuntu yet but in windows the solution was:

  1. go to chrome://flags/

  2. go to Hardware-accelerated video decode Mac, Windows, Chrome OS

    Hardware-accelerated video decode where available

    disable-accelerated-video-decode Enable

    make it disabled .

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