I have a windows executable that takes in a project file name and runs it this way, under WINE (on Lubuntu). I call the below line through a batch file that resides in the same application directory

myruntime.exe myapplicationname.prj

The project file (myapplicationname.prj) along with some other source files (python, js etc) are all in a folder in the wine c drive:\myapplication

Now as my folder contains some Proprietary code, I want to prevent the code from being copied or accessed. How can this be achieved?

In simple terms I want WINE to be able to execute the windows executable and have access to the necessary folders but I do not want anything or anyone else to access the contents of the folder.

I need to distribute little Linux(Ubuntu/Lubuntu) boxes with my application on it and I need my source to be protected. For now there is no way to compile the source files and I have spent a lot of effort writing the program. Kindly suggest.

I am a little new to Linux so having a little detailed steps will help greatly. Thanks once again. If I am not clear in my question, please let me know so that I can clarify or rephrase it.

Thanks in advance, M&M


AppArmor should be able to do things like this. It's a access control layer that can add additional conditioons on user and processes. I've never used it before though so you might have some trial and error ahead of you.

There's a fairly thorough guide on all of this on the AppArmor wiki. You'll need to layer more and more on but here's a starting point.

/usr/bin/wine {
  #include <abstractions/base>
  #include <abstractions/user-tmp>

  audit deny /path/to/directory/**    rwx,

There's also a separate wiki page on Wine applications in AppArmor. Probably worth a read.

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