Any emacs veterans able to assist?

I can not find the files that the various websites that claim to show you how to obtain or make the settings for emacs24 to highlight PHP.

I read contradicting information that some members of the team who developed the highlighting for php are refusing to sign the paperwork (I am assuming making it copy-left)

Some alternatives look like they exist, I did find some files but I can not edit them as they are read only.

PHP mode for emacs sends me to a sourceforge site and the development is for windows...

I found this http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/php-mode-improved.el and would like to try it, so I found the /etc/emacs24 folder and made a file where other .el files existed and wasn't able to paste in the data from that link's download, the emacs24 moans about the file being read only and when I try to quit I am stuck in a save dialog.

Where do I stick it? Then what do I need to do next as it is not entirely clear.


I ran

apt-cache search php |grep -i emacs

which shows

php-elisp - Emacs support for php files

and after

sudo apt-get install php-elisp

emacs shows a php file quite colorful.


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