In my .bashrc, I define TMPDIR=${HOME}/tmp so temporary files are under my encrypted $HOME. emacs, invoked from the launcher, doesn't see this definition, but emacsclient, invoked from a shell does.

So far, I know that emacs (after (server-start)) opens a socket in '/tmp', 'emacsclient' tries to communicate with 'emacs' over a socket in '${HOME}/tmp', and does very poorly. How can I presuade the launcher (via emacsclient.desktop?) to pass the right value for TMPDIR?


Try putting the variable definition in .profile instead of .bashrc. The latter has a statement near the top that causes it to exit very early when executed by a non-interactive shell. Log out and back in to see whether it works.

Also don't forget to add export like this:

export TMPDIR="$HOME/tmp"

If that doesn't work, modify the launcher (it's in /usr/share/applications) so that its Exec line says:

Exec=sh -c 'TMPDIR="$HOME/tmp" emacs'
  • Putting the definition in ~/.profile worked! Thanks. It's a much better solution. – waltinator Oct 6 '11 at 6:08

I guess I can't pass my TMPDIR in to the emacs server-start function, so I guess I'll have to make emacsclient use /tmp to hold the socket.

In my .bashrc:

export EDITOR="env TMPDIR=/tmp emacsclient"
export VISUAL="env TMPDIR=/tmp emacsclient"

but that seems sub-optimal. Any suggestions?

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