I'm attempting to install IonCube loaders via the ionCube Loader Wizard. I selected "local" and then on the next step, I get the following message:

Please note that the following problem currently exists with the ionCube Loader installation:

The necessary zend_extension line could not be found in the configuration.

I have researched how to correct this, however, every answer I have come across has resulted in permission denied errors. My IT guy is out today and I don't have root permissions or access. I tried Derrick's answer to this question on Stackoverflow post ionCube installation :: missing zend_extension CentOs

I also tried installing without the Wizard and that's when I run into all sorts of permission issues. Their documentation says:

Installing to a remote UNIX/LINUX CLOUD, DEDICATED or VPS server

  1. Upload the contents of this package to /usr/local/ioncube

  2. Copy the loader-wizard.php script to the root web directory of a configured domain on the server

  3. Launch the Loader Wizard script in your browser. For example: http://yourdomain/loader-wizard.php

I can't even make a directory in /usr/local/ nevermind copy the contents. Does anyone know how I might be able to bypass the permission issues or install this another way? OR, perhaps someone has a better idea to fix the Zend Extension error with minimal permissions. Thanks in advance!

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