is it possible to create a tar.gz file from contents of a folder but only put the files with certain name pattern in the archive and ignore the rest? for example just put the files which their names are log_?


You can use tar directly:

tar -zcvf file.tar.gz log_*
  • it seems to be simplest way – MoienGK Jun 23 '15 at 13:12

Example Using zip(you can choose any other compression tool instead):

find /path-to-dir -name 'log_*' | zip archive.zip -@


$ ls
file  log_1  log_2  log_3

Now zip all files log_* in zipped called archive.zip

$ find . -name 'log_*' | zip archive.zip -@
  adding: log_1 (stored 0%)
  adding: log_3 (stored 0%)
  adding: log_2 (stored 0%)

Now let's check output:

$ ls
archive.zip  file  log_1  log_2  log_3

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