I frequently expand drives on my VMs. How can I rescan the drives without rebooting the server?


The easiest solution is to use scsitools script rescan-scsi-bus.

sudo apt-get install scsitools
sudo rescan-scsi-bus

To do it without installing a utility on 14.04:

echo '1' > /sys/class/scsi_disk/0\:0\:0\:0/device/rescan

IMPORTANT: Be sure to replace the 0:0:0:0 with the appropriate disk for your purposes.

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( A bit old question )
Example for system disk without reboot
Rescan the bus for the new size :

# echo 1 > /sys/class/block/sda/device/rescan

Expand your partition ( Works with ansible )

# parted ---pretend-input-tty /dev/sda resizepart F 2 Yes 100%
- F for Fix 
- 2 for partition
- Yes to confirm
- 100% for whole partition

Resize it

# resiz2fs /dev/sda2
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