I guess I have a two part question. I've looked over the guide on how to set up a build environment and even tried doing some of those steps, every route failure.

Why can't I just use someone else's recovery image or .zip and boot from there on a rooted phone?

Does anyone have a working .zip for Samsung Galaxy s3 i9300?

EDIT: mine is the sprint one. Seems to be Qualcomm.


Galaxy S3 is not officially supported by Ubuntu touch but, there is a ROM available you can flash via clockworkmod.

i9300 Ubuntu wiki

i9300 Ubuntu XDA

Rom download link

However, this ROM is discontinued since 2013, and according to the XDA page: "No GSM/Phone calls". So, try at your own risk.

  • yea, I followed some of those. Hard bricked my phone. Now to try my tablet! – christopher clark Jun 22 '15 at 9:19

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